Outsider Vol. 1


Personal essays, poems and illustrations responding to Stephen King by women, non-binary folx and trans men. 44 pages total.

Vol. 1 features work on Carrie, On Writing, Christine, The Dark Tower, Misery, Cujo, IT and more!

Original work by Isaura Barbé-Brown, Austin Ray Bouse, Georgie Broad, Melissa Cox, Dawn Ennis, Marina Garrido, Katie Granger, Alex Herod, R.C. Jara and Mollie Russell.

Cover illustration by Jonas Bernasconi jabernasconi.com.

After print costs, all remaining proceeds will go to The Outside Project, an LGBTIQ+ Community Shelter, Centre and Domestic Abuse Refuge. https://lgbtiqoutside.org

Any questions (or if your shipping location isn't available) drop me a line at [email protected].